Winter essentials to battle the British weather this season

Yesterday, London saw its first snow flurries of the season. While we’ve all been hoping we would see a bit of snowflake action later in the season, the weather is indeed changing and we all need to be ready for the forthcoming freezes. So here’s my winter guide, ahead of schedule. This is a reminder of all the things you need to pull out of your winter closets now, or check to make sure you even have. So let’s get chucked right in with your daily essentials for the British weather from December until February (I’m trying to be optimistic… could in fact be as late as March or April, as it has been in years’ past).

First and foremost, make sure you have a chunky scarf ready. Winter is all about layering so that you are given the freedom to adjust as you move in and out of doors. A chunky scarf is a must have. There is nothing worse than getting stung in the neck by a cold breeze. You feel it throughout your entire body. So let’s not take any chances. There are quite honestly thousands of choices out there for great scarves this season. From Accessorize to Hermes, purchasing a scarf is quite possibly the easiest investment you’ll make this month.{Side note – Zara have an amazing selection of massive scarves that are fabulously designed, chunky and completely practical}

Secondly, make sure you have a warm hat with you at all times. Truly, is there anything worse than cold ears? This leads to all sorts of problems including ear aches, frostbite, etc etc., the list goes on and on. Now all this aside, if you do choose the right hat you’ll surely be making a killer statement so have fun with this accessory but make sure it’s practical. Look to cover the ears and keep the heat in! In other words, don’t choose a French Beret that is made of lace. Not that you ever would… but you see what I’m saying.

Next up, the chunky sweater. I would say you need to have a few of these in rotation. Again, think in terms of layering. You want something that’s easy to take on and off but will still keep you suitably warm as you move about town. Cashmere, wool and certain cotton or silk blends will work perfectly depending on what you mix and match them with. You certainly don’t want to be stuck inside wearing a turtleneck that is warming you up faster than an Easybake oven. Think about wearing a tee underneath or layering on top of the sweater to create warmth. Decide and conquer…

Your coat is perhaps the most important thing you have out there in battling the elements. Now, let’s think size. When trying or buying a coat, make sure you have plenty of room in the arms and belly of the coat to accommodate the layering of sweaters and shirts that will go underneath. The biggest mistake I find in coat buying is in purchasing a coat that’s too tight in the arm holes so that it can only be worn with a thin long sleeved cotton jersey. Layering is key! Buy your coat accordingly. Also, make sure your serious “weather” coat is waterproof. You will be battling the elements this season and you want a trusty coat that won’t let you down as blizzards hit (and melt on your shoulders). So remember… size and protection!

Now onto your two real “protectors” against the elements… a great umbrella and a reliable pair of wellies. Both items have the potential to be fashionable so make sure you shop around. But, also make sure that fashion doesn’t win over function. Remember that these guys have a job to do and only buy when you are confident that they will help you go to war with water!

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you have a big enough tote to carry everything you’ll need to be ready for absolutely anything that’s thrown at you.

Make fashion work for you this season. There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman that’s a victim of fashion in the cold miserable months of December and January. It has not been written anywhere, that I know of, that being practical with our fashion in the colder months means that we are actually “unfashionable”. My work here is done… good luck… stay warm…and most importantly stay dry!


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