Trying out the colour blue and starting small…

Growing up, I remember thinking blue was a blonde’s colour. I think it had something to do with my mom and her bright blue eyes that were always emphasised whenever she wore a bright blue top. Funny how things influence you throughout your life when it comes to style. I’m pretty sure I have never embraced blue, as a result. I’m brunette and therefore was more of a warm tones gal, or so I believed.

I have very few pieces hanging in my wardrobe that are anywhere near a brilliant blue. Navy… there’s tons. Breton stripes featuring blue, naturally, are found by the handful. But nothing really brilliantly blue and complimentary for the colour itself. I don’t gravitate towards blue garments or blue accessories. That’s just been my history.

All this being said, it took a pair of earrings to swing this whole theory out the window. As you can tell, from the images, this smidgen of blue in my life is in fact a baby step. It’s a drop of blue in the ocean of clothing and accessories that people have embraced for centuries, all celebrating this fabulous colour. It now has me wondering what I’ve missed all of these years.

I wore these Isharya Golden Earrings out and about two days ago as I was making my way from lunch to brunch to tea. Each and every time I sat down, after greeting my dining partner, the first thing that was mentioned was the gorgeous blue I had on display with these bad boys. People were instantly in love with  the following (“survey says”…) 1. the chunky size of the earring. 2. the combination of blues 3. the way in which they seemed understated yet still made a powerful impact.  Hey, I agree with all three points made here. What surprised me most was the fact that these elegant earrings attracted more attention than diamond studs I had worn out and about. Surely diamonds are a more impressive display with their brilliant bling and call for attention with their sensational sparkle as they catch every ray of light? Oh how I am proven wrong each and every day I am on this planet… I truly am learning as I go along and pre-conceived notions are corrected constantly.

Anyway, as I received so many compliments on these gorgeous earrings and as I promised to tell four different women where they can purchase them, here are all the details. If you buy, let’s just make sure we coordinate, alright?

Isharya Golden Earrings, £191, from Monnier Freres


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