The Expensive Gift Guide for Lady Luxury

Expensive gift guide

  1. When a lady of luxury feels a chill, cashmere no longer does the deed in keeping her warm. It’s all about a Sable blanket, darling. It may cost €141,000, but at least your darling dear will think of you every time she wraps up against a winter breeze. 
  2. There is one Coach bag that every lux lady is coveting this season.  The Legacy Fur Tanner Tote is just that one step above and beyond what a lux-lady-in-training would carry. It’s the fur really that makes this piece OTT and oh so desirable! It’s $4,000 but worth every last penny. 
  3. Red Soles are the only way to go for the lady who has it all. However, these crystal-encrusted Christian Louboutin Suede Pumps will turn every head at brunch after Christmas. 
  4. Normal folks spray tan. Lux ladies diamond spray tan. St. Tropez is offering what is being called “The World’s Most Expensive Spray Tan” this holiday season for £200. Offered at Selfridges, this Spray Tan not only makes sure you are brown and beach ready, it also gives you a bit of a “glisten” as you are actually sprayed in diamonds!
  5. Karl Lagerfeld is pushing the envelope this season with fake eyelashes that have actual rubies, yes real ones, attached. I suppose they add that extra something special to the look of your lash line. Getting that ruby filled fullness for your loved one will cost you £900!
  6. Every luxury lady has an iPad these days and in all honesty, I think they are spending more money on the accessories for the iPad than they are the iPad itself. Case in point, this beautiful Ralph Lauren iPad cover for £310. No matter the cost, it will go over very well on Christmas morning if discovered beneath the tree. 
  7. Cartier offer the ultimate gift for women who want to stand apart from the masses. We all know the importance of scents but there can be nothing more annoying than sharing your scent with another. So for those with tastes above and beyond the general public, call Cartier in Paris and arrange for a custom scent for 2013. The process takes about a year to complete and £30,000 in costs, but I hear it’s worth absolutely every penny and every second invested. This is truly the gift to end all gifts. 
  8. Not an expensive gift, but for someone who likes to flaunt their excessive spending really. Thanks Kate Spade. Loving your statement purses this season! “Spend it all in one place”, don’t mind if I do! 
  9. Honestly, sometimes the only present that will do is a diamond. Enough said. Go to De Beers, buy the biggest diamond solitaire in stock and trust that your luxury lady will be mighty happy come Christmas morning. 
  10. Luxup is offering a special package this Christmas for the shopper who wants the luxury shopping experience from door to door. Their £2,000 VIP Shopping Pass gives you a £2,000 credit to spend in store after you arrive there in your chauffeur-driven car (all part of the package). You are met by a personal Luxup Stylist who helps you pick the very best styles for ladies who lunch.
  11. If you have to cover those beautifully manicured fingers, you are going to only do it with the best, right? That’s where Paula Rowan comes in with her gorgeous fur gloves. They are the most stylish way to cover your mitts from Christmas onwards. 
  12. Is your luxury lady racking up more bills than ever on Harley Street? Place this tiny gift from Creme de la Mer in her stocking and say it’s from Santa Claus. Sure hope Santa has a big budget this year. At £1,250, this cream is said to perform miracles (and it better if you are paying that for it).

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