Serpents by Sorellina: A symbol of undying love

This past week I was in New York for a number of different meetings. However, one meeting I was particularly excited about took place in Brooklyn on a miserable rainy evening. I had the opportunity to sit down with two sisters, Nicole & Kim Carosella, who have started a jewellery company called Sorellina. I had heard of the brand over in the UK and was pleased to have the opportunity to sit down with the two founders to talk shop, look at the latest collection and look towards the future for the brand.

These two young ladies have taken on the task of redefining the sparkles
we place on our fingers, wrists and necklaces everyday. They want to
bring us into the Sorellina world, where the daily “bling-up” is
something quite fantastic and original.

There was one part of the Sorellina collection that I was completely taken with. Their serpent rings, bracelets and necklaces struck me as being unique, memorable and certainly covetable. The collection, titled the Victoria Collection, is based entirely on a tale of love and romance. It is inspired by the love of Queen Victoria for Prince Albert.

During the Victorian era snakes were symbols of wisdom and eternal love. In fact, Prince Albert’s engagement ring for Queen Victoria was actually shaped as a snake with an emerald head. So, the Sorellina sisters told me they were so moved by Victoria’s love for Prince Albert that they created this whole collection in tribute. If I only “liked” the pieces before, I certainly “loved” them after hearing this story.

These two are certainly a duo to watch…


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