Serious Shoe Love: Christian Louboutin Guerilla 120 Studded Leather Ankle Boots

Christian Louboutin’s Guerilla 120 studded Leather Ankle Boots…who will be the first to wear them? That’s the first question that comes to mind. While I wish I was the first to step out in these “bad girl” beauties, I have a feeling someone will most certainly beat me to the punch. My money’s on someone like Cheryl Cole who will pop out wearing them with a cute graphic/statement sweater, mini skater skirt and a bare leg. Or perhaps I’m being too tame. Perhaps such a serious shoe is reserved for the more fashionably daring folks amongst us. While I can’t help but think that these boots are made to work with an outfit that screams time, money and effort, I would actually choose to wear these beauties with jeans and a white tee. Sometimes you have to leave your feet for the serious fun when it comes to putting together a great look. {Net-a-Porter}


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