Salvatore Ferragamo celebrate 75 years on Old Bond Street with a most memorable event in London

We find ourselves in an iconic London landmark, the Burlington Arcade. It must be said that I have previously walked the length of this beautiful arcade, admiring the fantastic shops and ornate decorations, more times than I can count. Tonight, 10,000 Red Roses decorate the length of a table that is over 200 feet long stretching down the arcade. 500 candles provide a romantic light as 200 guests find their seats, after being handed a card with beautiful calligraphy notifying us all of our placements. This is only the start of the magical night that celebrated Salvatore Ferragamo‘s 75 years on Old Bond Street. Even as I sat eating the beautiful and wildly delicious food, I struggled with the idea of how I would write about this event. It is quite honestly one of the most phenomenal events I have attended in London, if not the world.

Guests began the evening in the newly refurbished Old Bond Street store, just footsteps away from the Burlington Arcade. As we moved around the glorious space we were given a chance to meet members of the Ferragamo family and to engage directly with the passion that has created one of the world’s top luxury brands. Women, wearing head to toe Ferragamo, spoke openly about their devotion to the brand and their excitement at being part of such a prestigious moment. Celebrating 75 years in one of London’s hottest retail spaces is definitely a moment for reflection, if ever there were one.

As I finished my glass of champagne, while eyeing up a spectacular pair of boots, I noticed that we had been joined in store by two very familiar faces – Camilla Belle and Jessica Alba. No more than a few steps from the two Hollywood actresses stood Yasmin and Amber Le Bon, Mary Charteris and Telulah Harlech. Look right and you would be face to face with Marc Quinn, Tim Noble, Suzy Menkes and Jasmine Guinness. I say this not to name drop but rather to show you the Ferragamo effect and the hold they have on London’s elite. It’s no easy task to get all of these names around the same table for dinner. But, brand allegiance is a powerful thing in this day and age.

Trust me when I say that everyone who attended was glad that they did so. The spectacular setting, the clever conversations around the table and the fine cuisine was more than any of us were prepared for, knowing full well just how luxurious the Salvatore Ferragamo brand is today. It just goes to show that there is in fact room for surprises in this day and age when you think everything has already been done. This was the first time a fashion brand has occupied the Burlington Arcade for such an event. I do believe it will be hard for any to do so again without feeling as if they have enormous beautiful Ferragamo leather shoes to fill.


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