Poppy Delevingne covers Vogue Turkey January 2013

You may have noticed a lot less “cover” stories on FFG over the past few months. I’ve decided to pull back and only feature the covers that are truly worthy of recognition for one reason or another. Frankly speaking, there are just too many “samey-same” covers appearing on newsstands these days and the more I was writing about them, the more I found I had less and less to say about the same thing appearing every month. So from this point forward, you won’t see a magazine cover on FFG unless it’s one I truly love or can appreciate as a unique edition to the magazine rack. Basically, I’m only featuring the covers I am buying myself.

So first up on the new schedule is Poppy Delevingne for Vogue Turkey’s January 2013 cover. I am a huge fan of the Delevingne girls, both Poppy and Cara. For Vogue Turkey, I think Poppy is an absolutely fabulous edition to their supermodel roster. Poppy wears a sheer, and rather risque, Gucci gown with a bit of bling cascading down her breast bone. Both her hair and makeup are about as natural as natural gets, which makes for a lovely pairing with such statement attire. {Vogue Turkey}


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