My favourite gift to give 2012…

Today, my email box has been overflowing with readers asking questions about holiday gift giving. Seems the gift guides have gone down a treat. Don’t worry, they are still coming. However, I do believe a few things deserve special mention here and there because, well, they are just that extra something special.

For the second Christmas running, my favourite gift to give is a tin of biscuits from Biscuiteers. Not only are these biscuits the most delicious mix of cookie and icing that have ever passed these lips, they are also wildly creative and always wonderfully received. It’s just about the only gift you can give that you will also receive. I mean, honestly, who’s going to open a can of biscuits and not offer you one to nibble on with them? That would just be rude.

So if you’re in a bind and wondering what to buy this Christmas, I’d recommend having a look on Truly, all of these words are written out of love and nothing else. I am in complete admiration of this company and everything they do on a daily basis.


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