2012 should have seen more Michelle Dockery magazine covers

Looking back on 2012 there is one actress I wish we had seen more on magazine covers. Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary Crawley in ITV1’s Downton Abbey, has appeared on numerous covers over the course of the year from Vanity Fair to Love Magazine…but I want more! Each and every magazine has challenged the way in which we see the “turn of the century” tv star. However, why have we seen no Vogue cover? No W Magazine full feature? When I look back and see all the covers of the stars that are, shall we say, “past their prime,” I wonder who’s sleeping on the job at the top? Vogue… wake up! Book this woman for a cover and full feature. It will be your best seller for 2013 and beyond.

So why the love affair with Michelle Dockery and her character Mary Crawley? While
each and every character brings their own distinctive style to Downton Abbey,
Mary Crawley is by far the fashion favourite for many. Michelle Dockery continually keeps us on our
toes from dinner gowns to shooting outfits. One can see how her style
would have had a profound effect on Ralph Lauren as he organized his
thoughts for the autumn winter 2012 collection (the designer based his entire collection on the show and even played the TV show intro music for his own runway showcase).

There you have it, folks. I’ve said my piece. No, I’m not in cohoots with Michelle Dockery’s agent. I just simple believe she is a woman that will sell a glossy. I know an issue featuring this bright star would be the first I pick up and buy in the New Year. 

Honourable mention: Katie Grand, thank you for recognizing the beauty and influence of the entire Downton Abbey cast with your AW12 Love Magazine issue cover feature on the three Downton Abbey Crawley girls. You are truly my hero for 2012!

Images: ES Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, Love Magazine, ITV1


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