Kate Moss the new X Factor Stylist?

The rumour mill this morning is reporting that Simon Cowell hopes to ask Kate Moss to be the official stylist to X Factor next season? Reports on the street are that Simon is slowly watching the X Factor fall to ruin in the UK and he’s looking for that special something to bring it back to the top.

Kate Moss is like gold dust in the industry. Industry insiders know that Moss has the Midas touch with the three C’s – covers, collaborations and campaigns. But does she have the X Factor? Or more importantly, would she ever dream of lending her name to such an outfit?

Our gut reaction is absolutely not. Mossy is not one for the limelight when it comes to these sort of things. Surely if she wanted to be in reality TV she would have her pick of networks to choose from in which to create her own show.

So while it is interesting to imagine a weekend filled with Kate Moss style on the UK’s finest reality talent, I think this is just a rumour and won’t go further than that. {Rumour first read on The Mirror}


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