Jessica Simpson’s new Weight Watchers Commercial

Jessica Simpson for Weight Watchers returns with a second commercial that has us scratching our heads. Now I have to start by saying that I know plenty of women that love and swear by Weight Watchers. They have lost the weight, kept it off and will big up the programme until they are blue in the face if given the chance. When it comes to Jessica Simpson, however, I truly don’t believe they could have chosen a less effective spokesperson and I actually want to call Weight Watchers and say, “please could you explain your reasoning behind this massively expensive hire?” 

After watching this second video I see what Weight Watchers was obviously trying to achieve with Jessica Simpson. They are looking for that all American girl who can appeal to women from east to west. That must be where the great American scenery and the end bit with Jessica Simpson on a pick up truck come in. Or was that a reference to her other famous car scene where she gyrates nearly naked on another piece of classic American car metal in an old music video?

Whatever the rhyme or reason behind this Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers commercial, I’d like to come to bat for the company that has changed many lives across America and beyond. They offer a fantastic service in teaching people how to eat and really their practices aren’t to blame here… just their marketing department. How about some real women showing off real results? Not overpaid celebrities with uninspiring results, which are prompted by multi million dollar contracts.


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