Gift Guide: What to buy the new homeowners?

So you’re shopping for a Christmas present for the new homeowners. Not always an easy task. Here are a few gift ideas we’ve shared and rated and they’ve all come out as highly desirables for the new homeowner!

1. Friends. This is a DVD set of all ten seasons. Sounds like a random gift right? Aw, indeed it is random because it us unexpected. This is also what makes it brilliant. There is not a human alive that doesn’t love this show and when the nights get cold, let them know they have “Friends” to keep them warm and smiling. {Friends complete DVD set £45}

2. A Zebra Head. I have to say this is one of favourite gifts when it comes to the home. I bought myself the elephant and fox head for the new flat last week and they truly make me smile every time I walk down the hall. Don’t worry, though. They are only made of paper. {Anthropologie Zebra Head £58}

3. Champagne. I don’t know anyone that would turn down a bottle. Truly it’s the best present for you all to enjoy and christen the new digs. Repeat after me: Pop, sip and relax. Buy anywhere from online ahead of time to your local shop before walking in the door.

4. The softest blanket in the world. There is no better gift to give if you want to make sure your gift is used everyday. This truly is the softest blanket in the world and it comes from Seasalt. My recommendation… buy one for a gift and two for yourself. {Seasalt Wellsoft Blanket £35}

5. Starbucks have really been pushing their coffee machines this season, as they should. My local Starbucks is about a ten minute walk. Too far if you are desperate for a caffeine rush in the morning. So I’m hoping I find one of these under my own tree. {Starbucks Verismo coffee machine £149}

6. While we are on the topic of machines that rock, let’s talk about this present as I truly believe it’s one of the coolest on the list. A Cotton Candy maker!!!! Seriously, I don’t know anyone who has one of these and truly their home will be the coolest on the block if they’re the first, making it the perfect new homeowner gift! {Cotton Candy Vintage Machine £49.95}

7. Again we’re hitting on cool essentials here. This chalk board spice jar is not only fashionable but also practical. Fill with spices, teas, sugar or sweets. Just make sure you label your goodies. A surefire hit! {Anthropologie chalk spice jar £8}

8. I feel like I don’t even have to say much here. No home is complete without a Diptyque candle. Those are just the facts. {Diptyque Candle £38}

9. Last but not least, one of the coolest gifts this Christmas. To match that bottle of bubbly, why not grab an ice bucket that is something you’ve never seen before. It’s an oversized cork and I love it. Must be the most clever way to cool down your champers to date. {Champagne cork ice bucket £40}


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