Gift Guide 2012: What to buy the girl that works in the fashion industry

Buying for a woman that works in the fashion industry can be a tough one. Seems most of the women that work in fashion have access to pretty much everything going, so buying for this lady can be the toughest task on your list. We’d like to encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to the full time fashionista. Here are a few things she might not have seem come through her post. Some are useful, others are purely for a laugh yet are usable on a daily basis.
1. Grace Coddington Memoirs. This book is a must have for every woman in the industry. It’s a book to read, reread and reference regularly. Grace Coddington is truly a fashion hero and should be celebrated on Christmas Day and everyday after. {Grace: A Memoir £20}
2. This is for a bit of fun and I guarantee you that the laugh will turn into a fashion statement come fashion week. While this sweatshirt is poking fun at Hermes, it’s also sure to grab attention when worn out and about. {Homies Sweatshirt from Browns £100}
3. This necklace speaks for itself. It’s Anton Heunis and I’ve yet to meet a women in or out of the industry that doesn’t love his work. {Anton Heunis Necklace £291}
4. Everyone is going “Fifty Shades” cray cray this year. However, Reel Art Press are the first to really sex it up properly with the help of Robert Redford. {50 Shades £19.95}
5. I’m absolutely obsessed with the creations of Sewlomax and their handmade goodies, including this cosmetics case. This is an item you are guaranteed to succeed in gifting. You know she won’t already have it and you know she’ll also always need a cosmetics case. She’s in the industry of beauty and image,a after all. {Sewlomax cosmetics case £28}
6. A teddy bear with a nose ring could only come from the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier. {JPG Keyring £41}
7. I have actually bought three of these watches for my best friends. I am addicted and so are they, now. I won’t say from where, but this watch is a direct rip off of an industry favourite. Wouldn’t give to someone too high up on the fashion food chain (as they might get called out). But gift with pleasure to those who have style and can’t quite afford the £5,000 watch just yet… {La Mer Watch $115}
8. My personal favourite this season… “Totes Jel of My Chanel” Tote from Blackscore. I really don’t need to say anymore. It’s perfection. {Totes Jel Tote £100}
9. Every fashion week goer needs this. It’s a front row notes keeper and it’s a must have accessory for those sharing rows with the likes of Anna Wintour and Alexandra Schulman. {Smythson notes keeper £80}


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