FFG Flashback 2012 Part One: From docks in South Carolina to camels in Dubai

This has certainly been a year to remember, there’s no doubt about that. In 2012 I barely feel as if my feet were allowed to touch the ground in any one please for long. And after looking back through the pictures and posts of the past 365 days, I can’t quite believe what an incredible journey it has been. It was difficult to do a review in just one post, so I hope you don’t mind that I have divided them up over a few which will run throughout today. This is a combination of new experiences, new friends and incredible adventures, all because of a crazy idea to start a blog three years ago. Trust me, I’m still pinching myself. Thank you all for an incredible year. I hope you enjoy this look back at some of the highlights.

Starting with the image you see above… this is a picture taken from my parents’ home off the coast of South Carolina in the USA. I’ve tried to go back as often as I could this year, mostly because of moments like the one I captured here. It is, to me, heaven on earth.

 This February I also attended the Autumn Winter 2012 Burberry Prorsum show. It was one of my favourite shows of the season, across all four cities. Such a memorable event with items that had me leaving a puddle of drool beside my seat at the show.

I also had made my way around London Fashion Week in the back of the new Range Rover Evoque with the beautiful model Tuuli Shipster and On/Off’s Lee Lapthorne. Honestly, the stories I could tell…

There were a few more highlights from this particular fashion season. I saw the Fashion Foie Gras Coach Bag out and about on a few arms, but my favourite came from a posh editor from the Far East. He was rocking that preppy punch!

I also headed straight from London to Milan to attend the Gucci show for the season.

 While in Milan I had the opportunity to meet some wonderfully inspiring and fantastically friendly fellow bloggers including Bagsnob, Bryanboy and Sandra’s Closet.

From Milan it was down to Florence where we toured not only the Gucci factory but also the Gucci Museum.

From Milan it was on to Paris where Tuuli, Lee and the lovely Caroline Shapiro were all waiting for me with some gorgeous Range Rovers for the trip of the year. We were roadtripping across France with many stops along the way. One of our grand adventures included meeting the super charming Jean Charles de Castelbajac, who not only granted us an interview but also talked us through his collection days before it was showcased for the general public.

We also met a woman who I hold on the highest pedestal possible, Faye McLeod. She is Louis Vuitton’s Visual Creative Director and one of the most inspiring women I’ve met this year. Her apartment is a space that should have about fifteen different home shows beating down its doors. Recognize those three Louis Vuitton maids?

And then there is the picture that is my favourite for the year. Yes, that’s me atop a camel with my dear friend Catherine Kallon of Red Carpet Fashion Awards. We were in Dubai for the launch of My-Wardrobe ME and this ended up happening. Random but hilarious and absolutely the most memorable thing ever!

And then there was the feature in Elle Magazine. A bit of great press I was proud to share then and prouder still to share now.

Look out for part two later today…


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