Fashionable Week in Review: From Chanel Chainsaws to French Toast at Claridge’s

I have five days left in London. No scratch that… I’m now down to less than five days and counting. Not to worry, I’m not leaving for good. I’m just headed home to the USA to get some much needed time with the family. That is, of course, after I have a quick stop in New York City. So this is the second to last weekly recap you’ll get from London for the next few weeks. From the 14th, you’ll see me writing and sharing first from NYC and then from the small island down south where my family now lives. But enough of that little travel update. Here’s what I got up to this past week…

1. I spent nearly a whole day with some of the UK’s leading designers, journalists and marketers at the Sanderson Hotel in London. We were there to judge the Dulux Let’s Colour Awards for 2012. While I can’t share with you the amazing results, I can share this piece of art sitting in the front lobby. A Chanel Chainsaw… I mean really, can’t you just see Karl trimming the hedges with this?

2. For those of you that haven’t caught up on posts from last week, definitely check out the story on the Salvatore Ferragamo dinner which took place on the Burlington Arcade last week. It was truly sensational and I can’t seem to stop raving about it.

3. Christmas has officially taken over London, which of course means Cartier have wrapped up their entire store like one big giant Christmas present. If only I could have a Cartier store for Christmas. Swoon.

4. Went shopping at the Telegraph’s discount night at Fenwick’s and found some perfect stocking fillers for my fashionable friends, from Christian Louboutin carry bags to tea bags featuring big name designers. Who knew stocking stuffers could be so stylish?

5. More stylish stocking stuffers… this time with a statement. Make of it what you will,  but I’m thinking Karl Lagerfeld needs to have this as his next iPhone case. It’s just too perfect. May send him one in the first class post tomorrow. Think I’d get a response?

6. This week I added another 3.1 Phillip Lim bag to my collection. As I started making room for this new addition I noticed I definitely have a thing for colour these days. Sitting it beside the yellow Coach tote and the Rebecca Minkoff clutch, I’d say I have a thing for statement brightness. Where on earth did this craving for colour suddenly come from?!

7. Christmas arrived early on my doorstep this week as a special delivery came from my friends over at Primark. Turns out they have quite the Christmas sweater collection this year, including this reindeer beauty. Oh yeah, looking good!

8. Thank you to Halpern and Triumph Lingerie for the beautiful cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery. Sadly, not everyone survived the courier. Yes, gingerbread man was left without his legs. However, the rest of the cake and gingerbread man were delicious.

9. There is so much more to write about with this picture and the next. These are really just teasers for the big piece on the way about my stay at Claridge’s last weekend. Truly and honestly can’t believe what I have to share. The DVF robe I’m wearing is a tip.

10. French Toast at Claridges. I have to say it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. Might have something to do with my surroundings at the time of eating. But truly a culinary experience.

11. BlackScore sent me this great tee from their latest collection. Their cats are so on it with style that they’ve abandoned “Meow” completely and replaced it with “Miu Miu”…

And finally, this week I choose to share a picture taken of me with my niece this weekend on Brook Green. Over the past few months I have spent a little less time on FFG due to the fact that I have family in the UK for the first time. That means that 21 hours of daily work has been brought down to 18 these days. Hope you don’t mind!


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