A Dodo goose charm was my perfect Christmas present this year

Earlier this year I began wearing a golden Dodo goose charm that I’ve considered my good luck charm, as  I’ve travelled here, there and everywhere. I’ve never left it behind and I’ve always kept it close to my heart to remind me of why I work so hard day and night to keep things running with Fashion Foie Gras.

There have been many nights, since Fashion Foie Gras first started, that I’ve questioned what I was doing and whether I should keep at it. Luckily for me, both my mother and father have always been on the other end of the phone line no matter the physical distance or time zone difference. They’ve been the ones telling me not to switch off and that the three hours of sleep a night will one day pay off. This support and encouragement can never truly be repaid but I can remind them as much as possible that they have been my biggest cheerleaders and it’s made all the difference.

And this is where a Christmas present from Dodo comes in. Before I flew home for the holidays I went into Dodo on Sloane Square and picked out a matching charm to give to my mother to say thank you and to remind her of what she has encouraged me to build. Before you start thinking I forgot daddio in all of this, the charm is one my mother will wear but something my dad will always see. So truly, it is a charm that I have given to both of them in thanks. Anyone that is familiar with the Dodo charms brand will know that each and every piece is gifted with love and a great deal of thought behind the selection of the item.

Now for my next Dodo charm, I’m hoping to one day give someone the penguin which Dodo has given the meaning “crazy in love.” Watch this space…


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