One night in the Diane von Furstenberg Suite at Claridge’s in London

Last week I spent one night at the Diane von Furstenberg Suite at Claridge’s in London… 

I very rarely find myself at a loss for words. Even rarer still do I feel a tinge of guilt for doing so. I blame my ten years working in PR and always needing to have the right thing to say no matter the situation. So you see, I’m not sure how to approach this particular situation except to apologise upfront for I know it can never live up to the experience itself that was had at Claridge’s.

Claridge’s itself is a hotel that I have always placed on a pedestal in the world of luxury travel. This was not because of popular press or a celebrity and royal cult following. This adoration was born from first hand knowledge of perfection found  in every experience I have had with the staff from the dining room at the pop-up restuaurant Noma to afternoon teas with my mother and girlfriends. However, after ten years of living in London I have, up until this point, never stayed the night at the London landmark. I have been to more press days than I can count, more events than I can remember and a few memorable weddings, but never a night of indulgence for myself. Staying at the Diane von Furstenberg Suite at Claridge’s certainly changed that and has now completely ruined me.

I say “ruined” in the most flattering fashion for Claridge’s. You must understand that I myself am “ruined” because I can never stay anywhere else in London and I cannot see myself recommending another hotel in this city to any person who asks. The beautiful rooms, impeccable decoration and attention to detail are only one third of the allure of Claridge’s. The real soul and reason for each and every Claridge’s addicts return lies with the people that make it run. Of course, in the past few weeks the world has been let inside the lives of the staff at Claridge’s with the recent BBC3 documentary. But seeing them operate first hand is another experience entirely. Each and every member of staff that you meet makes you feel as if they were put on this planet to make your life as simple and as enjoyable as possible. And they do it all with a marvellous smile. This is where I truly am at a loss for words. From the doorman who insisted on carrying my smallest of bags to the butler in the room who made us feel as if every wish we have could be fulfilled, from the official creator of cocktails to the handsome general manager, each and every person played their part as if they were perfectly playing a role in a film. I truly don’t believe there can be a bad word said. This, as we all know, is very rare for a stay away.

I actually have two forms of media which I’d like to share from this visit. Pictures just didn’t do the trick this time around. However, let’s start there for what can really only be considered a teaser of sorts for the Diane von Furstenberg Suite at Claridge’s in London…

Now onto some details, beyond the pictures. I’m actually going to let the video do the talking this time as I believe it pretty much captures my shock and awe at the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg suite. Unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity to take video of some of the real highlights of the stay. These moments included drinks at the bar with the head barman talking us through several modern twists on classic cocktails; room service in our room where we returned to find our entire sitting room covered in candles with champagne waiting; and finally a facial in the house spa that left me looking so shiny and new that Mr. FFG insisted it erased ten years of late nights straight from my face.

I would just like to say a final “Thank You” to everyone at Claridge’s who made this stay a memorable one. I truly hope each and every one of my readers has the opportunity to experience your beautiful hotel and, above all, your amazing kindness.


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