Warehouse’s post party wardrobe rejuvenator delivered in just 90 minutes

Warehouse are drawing our attention to their new 90 minute delivery option with this clever day after Christmas party video. While the concept is brilliant, there are a thousand and one more reasons why I’m loving this service. I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I’ve been at work and either forgotten about a party happening the evening in London or have run out of time to go and grab an outfit to wear for a main event. Bless this wonderful service from Warehouse. Now I can jump on to their website, sort an outfit and have our office receptionist whip it upstairs just on time for me to transform for a big night out. As shown in the commercial, it’s also perfect for the days you feel absolutely icky in your chosen attire. We’ve all fallen victim to that problem. But now you can spruce up in under two hours, browsing time included. I couldn’t not share this brilliant newbie in fashion. Thank you, Warehouse, for stepping up to the plate with a high street attire option!


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