The do-it-yourself Simple facial

It’s hard these days making sure that the treatments you perform
are the correct ones for your particular skin type. I used to pull any product
off the shelf at stores and give it a go just because it had a fancy picture or
great packaging. Oh how naïve I was! Thankfully, I’ve grown up and with age
comes wisdom. I know I fight certain battles with skincare and I know there are
experts to help me make the right decisions moving forward. You guys know I’ve
been working with Simple Skincare for the last year and it’s been a real treat
to learn all sorts of tips and tricks to help keep my skincare regime sensitive
skin friendly and moderate in price. One of the my favourite tips from the year
has been learning to do a DIY facial at home with my products. I do this once a
week and it really has kept the dull skin at bay (and dull it is when you are
only getting a few hours sleep a night.)

I hope this helps you in creating your own DIY facial at home.
Doesn’t take any time at all and you’ll definitely see and feel a difference
with your skin.

This post was created
in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple®
Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on
sensitive skin


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