The chicest coffee cup in fashion…

For those of you reading this that are good friends and in fashion, you will have had the conversation with me before revolving around the fact that Starbucks should pretty much sign up to sponsor every single fashion week. Only here’s the rub… they don’t have to. We are all addicted and all proudly wait outside in the cold, during Spring/Summer seasons, with our Starbucks paper cups proudly displayed. February comes and Starbucks is our fashion friend. In reality, however, Starbucks is always our friend. Ok, I’m getting off topic. How is all this relevant? Well, Starbucks have teamed up with a fashion brand and have created an accessory that will no doubt be a “must have” piece this holiday season. It’s no longer chic, you see, to just show up with the red cup. Now, you have to have the Rodarte x Starbucks mug. While I’m only half joking, this mug is seriously chic and probably the cheapest Rodarte piece you’ll ever buy with a price tag of $12.95. There’s Christmas sorted for all my nearest and dearest. {Starbucks x Rodarte}


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