The best manicure in London – Aman Spa, The Connaught

I’ve just discovered the best manicure in London at the Aman Spa in The Connaught.

Have you ever fallen asleep during a manicure? I don’t mean out of sheer exhaustion where you find yourself falling over the table onto your therapist. I mean falling asleep because you feel so relaxed that it’s as if you don’t have a care in the world. Not something you would associate with a manicure, right? Well, I must admit it wasn’t what I was expecting either as I walked into the Aman Spa at The Connaught this afternoon.

Upon arriving at the Spa I was led into what I thought resembled more of a massage room than a place where one gets a manicure. I went with the flow and just figured things were done differently in this establishment. That is the understatement of year. I was asked if I wanted to change into a robe for maximum relaxation. I didn’t, but knowing what I know now I wish I had. Changing would have really enhanced the experience even more as I was wearing my street clothes and it meant I was more or less bringing the street stress into the room with me. How was I to know what was about to take place?

As I lay on the padded treatment table, I was covered in warm blankets and each of my hands were placed on hot stones. My eyelids were already getting heavy. The therapist then worked her magic on my nails. In the beginning we chatted as she rubbed fresh cut limes over my fingertips (apparently it’s the best way to get stains out of your nails… who knew?) and treated my cuticles. She then filled a medium sized stone bowl with rocks and warm water. She rested said bowl upon my stomach and placed my hands in the bowl to soak. It’s here that things get a bit harder to remember. The lights were dimmed to near non-existent and as my hands were soaking, my therapist had moved around to massage my shoulders, neck and head. I was in heaven. A warm room, wrapped in warm blankets, soothing music playing, hands soaking and receiving a massage like I’ve never experienced before. I began to question if I had booked the wrong package. However, I was assured this was all part of the deal in having a manicure at the Aman Spa.

When my hand soaking was complete my therapist asked if I’d like to wear an eye mask as she continued with the manicure. She couldn’t, despite her appearing to have magical abilities, complete a manicure in darkness. So I opted for the eye cover and let her set in to work. She exfoliated, washed, hydrated, massaged and painted my nails and I slept through the whole thing. The only time my deep sleep was interrupted was when my arm fell off the table (apparently I move a lot when I snooze). Thank goodness the hand hadn’t been painted yet.

Bottom line here is that this is the best manicure I have ever had in London. Wait a second. I’m going to take this a bit further. This is the best manicure I’ve had anywhere, ever. Honestly, how can I be expected to go anywhere else after such an amazing treatment? 

Aman Spa
The Connaught
+44 (0)20 7499 7070

FFG was given a gift certificate from De Beers Jewellers to the Aman Spa in preparation for a future project. Thank you to DeBeers and Aman Spa for a wonderful pampering experience!


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