Making Fashion Foie Gras’ De Beers Wish List for Holiday 2012

A couple of weeks ago I caused a bit of trouble on twitter. You see I was working on a special project with De Beers in London and I got a little too excited by a De Beers five-carat diamond solitaire ring. We were playing a little game called “pick out your dream engagement ring” and I asked for the biggest one that De Beers had on the counter. I am, after all, over six feet tall and therefore need a ring that is in proportion to my height. I figured nearly a carat for every foot made sense, right? 

As I slipped the five carat diamond ring onto my finger I couldn’t help but take a picture. What started out as a De Beers tease for Mr. FFG nearly ended in a heart attack. Said tweet made its way around the twitterverse, instagram and twitter and pretty soon I had my mother and father telling me that their phones had been ringing off the hook. Then of course Mr. FFG started receiving congratulatory calls. You can only imagine how that went down. Like a lead balloon, I tell you. Now people, as much as I love you, I have no plans on announcing my engagement first and foremost on social media. I was brought up with southern values that teach us we are to at least phone our parents before making such announcements in public forums. As much as I would love to have a five carat diamond ring from De Beers sitting on my finger right now, alas, it is actually resting comfortably in it’s glass box at present. 

Now that we have cleared all that up, I’m actually very pleased to be able to tell you why I was at De Beers for a whole morning last week. The beautiful and oh so friendly ladies over at De Beers had asked me to participate in a special “De Beers Jewellery Wish list” for the holidays. Basically they opened their doors, and glass cabinets, and asked “What can’t you live without?”  This must be the first time in my life where I didn’t know which direction to turn first. I stood in the front hall and watched as light reflected off some of the world’s most precious pieces of art. I was instantly seduced. I had heard Marilyn Monroe sing “a diamond is a girl’s best friend,” but had always just hummed along not really thinking about the lyrics. Oh how a little sparkle can change you forever… Yes, Marilyn, they are forever a best friend.

I tried on necklaces, rings, bracelets and broaches. I stared at myself in the mirror like an egotistical maniac and felt the power of a bit of bling. No need for foundation or highlighters when you have diamonds round your neck or hanging from your ears. I swear they instantly phase out any imperfection. Alright, that might not be the whole truth but it sure felt like it was as the time. In the end, I was forced to choose only a few favourites. Honestly, I could have recommended the whole store but was asked to narrow it down to some key favourites. It’s harder than it sounds but I’m very happy with my selection for the De Beers Wish list. My final pieces were all items I felt could be worn as everyday jewels, as what’s the point of having something so beautiful if you aren’t showing it off as often as possible? 

I must say I was very surprised by the price point at De Beers. I won’t lie and tell you that it’s affordable for everyone. It isn’t, but such is the path with a luxury brand. However, it is a brand that is A. worth saving for and B. has some surprising entry level price points. I had always thought of De Beers as a once in a lifetime purchase but as I made my way through the store and examined each and every piece I discovered many items that are both fabulously glamorous and also achievable. Let’s also remember, however, that I picked out an engagement ring that costs as much as a one bedroom flat in London. That being said, I also tried on several De Beers stacking rings that were priced at £1,175.

So without boring you further with details of my day of decadence, may I recommend you take a look at the Fashion Foie Gras De Beers Wish list I have put together and see for yourself what’s on offer this season. Pass it along to your boyfriend and who knows what you may find under your tree come Christmas morning… (and if there are any engagements, I want to hear about them..after you have told your family first of course).

Here’s a sneak peek at my De Beers Diamond experience…


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