Karlie Kloss’s “Native American look” pulled from the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Show

Just moments ago, Victoria’s Secret took to twitter to address the recent controversy from the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which took place earlier this week in New York City. One look in particular, Karlie Kloss in a feather headdress, suede vest, skirt and turquoise jewellery, has caused quite a stir with Native Americans. Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for “sexualizing” the culture and many fans have taken to the Victoria’s Secret Facebook page to express their anger. In response, Victoria’s Secret issued the following statement on twitter:

“We are sorry that the Native American headdress in our fashion show has
upset individuals. The outfit will be removed from the broadcast.” 

There have been a string of controversial fashions released over the past 12 months where the Native American community have fought back, from Urban Outfitters knickers to The Gap t-shirts, even a No Doubt video. Of course this all hits home harder than ever this week because of course November is Native American Heritage Month.

What do you think? Should it have been pulled or not? Either way, I must commend Victoria’s Secret on their swift response to the problem at hand. Not to take sides here, but I’m sure it was not there intention to offend the Native American community. However, they listened to their fans and out of respect have removed the offending outfit from the national broadcast.

Image: Instagram


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