I’ve gone bag crazy and Philip Lim’s “Breakup Bag” isn’t helping

I’m having a moment with accessories. I can’t quite put my finger on why exactly I’m buying more bags and shoes than clothes these days. Perhaps it has something to do with the winter weight gain (yes, I’m like a bear who hibernates in the winter) and knowing that a shoe or handbag will last you through any season at any size. My handbag closet is starting to look ridiculous these days but I do feel as if the right tote or clutch can completely transform a look. A simple black dress is just that. But a simple black dress with a brightly coloured or uniquely shaped bag is suddenly something special in the outfit arena.

At present, I am obsessed with the accessories coming from Philip Lim. His “Break Up Patchwork Leather 31 Minute Clutch Bag” is a quite honestly like a drug to handbag addicts. It’s a completely unique look that not only updates any ensemble, but I also find it really does create fabulous reactions from the most random people. This is one of those bags that you buy and carry here and there. It’s not an everyday accessory. It’s a special piece that finds it’s way back into your hands throughout your relationship with fashion. I have a feeling it will be a clutch that I revisit time and again, like an old friend. Maybe it will even be my official “heartbreak” bag.

Speaking of accessorising, it’s time for me to dash into my closet to figure out what I’m wearing today. Might spend a bit longer than usually eyeing up the clutch situation…


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