In-FLat-uated with Valentino Cherry flats!

So I found myself having this discussion the other day about “cutesy” flats. A friend of mine swore she’d never ever wear a flat in her adult life. She’s strictly a heels girl, through and through and had said over and over she refused to come down to flat foot reality. However, after seeing my Tory Burch Fox Flats at brunch other day she purchased her first adult pair of what she calls “cutesy” flats. We decided that these are the flats that bring out your playful side for more casual moments. They are pieces that instantly change a boring everyday pair of jeans into something a little bit more fun and unexpected. They may not always be man-grabbers, but they are certainly attention-grabbers and do help in striking up conversations with random strangers.

My latest purchase will certainly do just that. These Valentino Cherry Glitter Ballet Flats are sure to be a conversation starter and are quite simply the most wonderful finish to any outfit, simple or complicated. What I’m looking forward to wearing them with most is just a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. The shoes do all the talking when it comes to my fashion fixes, or at least that’s what I believe when it comes to these fabulous flats.

Whether you are are a flats or full on heel sort of girl, I do believe the right shoe can really change your whole day. When given the opportunity to wear something beautiful, your whole walk and attitude instantly changes. It’s truly amazing how that happens and I don’t think I’ll ever stop appreciating that moment of feeling like something wonderful. It doesn’t always have to be about the clothes, but it sure does help.


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