Gift Guide: What to buy a fashionable teenager?

what to buy a teenage girl for christmas

  1. This Coach duffle is an absolute classic, perfect for any age. However, the bright pink colour seems to be a particular hit with the youngsters. It’s a serious statement and one that she’ll choose to make on a daily basis. It’s roomy, has several handy pockets within and can even be personalised by buying a special Coach duffle customisation kit in store. Trust me, this is a hit! {Coach Duffle Bag $348 available online in the USA and in stores in the UK}
  2. Actually here’s a gift I’ll be giving that will hopefully give back in
    return. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Gossip Girl addict. So is every
    teenager girl I know. Call me a kid, I don’t care. I’ll be watching this
    with my teenage niece, no doubt about it. {Gossip Girl Box Set Season 1-5 £47.50}  
  3. Cutest thing ever when it comes to holding jewellery. It’s chic,
    practical and the perfect gift with a great price tag attached. She’ll
    love it. {ASOS Sausage Dog Ring Holder £15
  4. Give a teenager the gift of believing early on in life. Let them wear a
    reminder everyday that dreams are within reach. In fact buy one for the
    teenager and one for you. It’s an important lesson we should all carry
    with us. {Disney Couture “Have faith in your dreams” Bangle £35}
  5. Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past 12 months, you’ll know
    that the hottest flats out there right now are all about cats. However,
    most of these beauties involve dropping a few hundred to rock the
    trend. That’s why we love these flats that fulfil the trend and don’t
    cost the world. Your teenager will definitely think you have your finger
    on the pulse. {Accessorize Cat Flats £26}
  6.  How about a sweet treat that will last forever? Look no further than Anya
    Hindmarch, who based her whole AW12 collection around sweeties. This
    change purse is the sweetest thing we’ve seen this season. {Anya Hindmarch Candy Change Purse from}

  7. I’m slightly obsessed with Hockley London fur and my nieces are
    absolutely in love with the two fox fur charms I have hooked on my bag.
    This Christmas I’m giving them each their own set, complete with
    personalisation, as Hockley let you add initial charms to the pom poms. {Hockley London Fox Fur Pom Pom Charms £35
  8. A gift set from The Body Shop was always one of my favourite presents to
    receive at Christmas when I was younger. Heck, even now I love it as a
    gift. There are some great finds here online with TBS, with more gift
    sets than you have people to gift to. {The Body Shop Body Butter Collection £30}
  9. Is there a teenager around these days that doesn’t have an iPhone? Of
    course every iPhone now must be accessorised. Bunny ears are a hit. I
    can’t explain exactly why but they’re everywhere I look sticking out
    over heads as kids talk on the phone (actually, not just kids… adults
    as well). This is one of the best pieces around at the moment and a
    great way to make sure your gift is used daily. {Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone cover £40}

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