Confirmed: Alexander Wang’s Balenciaga move

Alexander Wang Balenciaga

The rumour mill can stop churning this morning as the Alexander Wang Balenciaga rumours are true! It has been widely known that Nicolas Ghesquière’s final day with Balenciaga was upon us and just as his last day has come, WWD announces his successor. The fashion daily has reported that Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and PPR will make the official announcement of the move next week.

So what does this mean for Balenciaga? Well, they are bringing in an edgier look, but we do believe Wang will make the label proud and be given an opportunity to truly stretch his wings when it comes to creativity. The “Wang Woman” at the moment has a certain look and feel. It’s a woman who takes risks with fashion and often finds rewards in doing so with Wang by her side. 

In fact, Balenciaga is quite clever in bringing in Alexander Wang at the helm. In an age when the luxury buyer is getting younger and younger, brands are always looking for new ways to attract that consumer sweet spot. Alexander Wang already has them banging down his door for his clothing line and bags. Oh don’t get me started on the bags! My imagination is working overtime thinking about the influence Wang will have when it comes to rethinking the Balenciaga bags that are already flying off shelves.

Stay tuned as this is going to be a fun one to watch…



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