Bye, Bye Bingo Wings… Zaggora to the rescue!

I’ve been talking about the wonders of Zaggoras for a while now. I’m addicted to their capri workout pants, which actually have greatly helped in toning and smoothing since I started using them a few months ago. These days, I’m taking my devotion to working out and wearing Zaggora while doing so to a new level. Whereas I used to reserve my Zaggora workouts for the great outdoors, I’ve now taken my sweaty antics indoors with the new wintery weather marching in. Since I adopted my first pair of Zaggora flares, I have since invested not only in three more pairs (so I can keep them in rotation for near on daily use), but I’ve also gifted a few to friends who have been complaining of thunder thighs or cottage cheese like clusters on their legs. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. I’m proud to report that my gifting has resulted in some greatly strengthened friendships. The results of these workout wonders are simply staggering, which leads me to today’s big announcement…

Zaggora have just launched brand new products. I’ve been thinking for ages that I needed to address the bingo wing issue that is creeping up on me as time moves on. It’s no easy task keeping these bad boys at bay. Then in walks Zaggora with a solution in the form of a body blazer. It has the same technology as the trousers but focuses in on the upper body, arms and stomach. Hello happiness, goodbye huge arms and a belly! I’ve only had one week of working out with the new gear but I already have a whole list of pros for this gorgeous advancement in workout gear. For one, the silhouette makes you look as if you’ve been in the gym for two months already. The new body blazer is truly flattering as hell. Secondly, it does what it says on the tin. My first workout left me soaked from head to toe. Whereas I could usually run a 5k and break only a slight sweat, my 5k last Friday had me leaving what felt like gallons of sweat on the treadmill below my feet. When the workout is then finished and the Zaggoras come off I always have the most amazing feeling of being completely cleansed. I’ve worked myself as hard as I possibly can and the Zaggoras have done their work in helping me raise my core temperature, thereby increasing my calorie burn during and after the workout. I also must note that if I ever felt bloated or just generally horrible before a workout, the end result could not be further from the start. Zaggoras really do just instantly slim you right out as the sweat rolls out of you.

So just a word of advice for those looking for the perfect pieces to prepare your bodies for the holiday season. Zaggoras are pretty amazing. I can’t say they work for absolutely everyone but I do know that I have definitely seen noticeable changes in my own body since I started wearing the trousers. I actually wear them every other day but have met women who where them everyday to work out and swear they have been the saving grace at keeping “lipo at bay”. Yes, that is an honest to God truthful quote.

Visit for all the product info, to shop or just to read some awesome reviews from women who have been just as impressed with how the Zaggoras have worked for them.


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