A sweet shop popped up to launch Jo Malone’s Sugar & Spice Collection

Earlier this week I was invited to a breakfast with Jo Malone that will perhaps forever be remembered as one of the sweetest in my life. Jo Malone had set up a sweet shop in Covent Garden to preview her new spring collection of fragrances named “Sugar & Spice.” As the name of the game was everything sweet you can only imagine what I found as I stepped into this magical pop-up sweet shop. From the jars of candies resting against the walls to the large glass cabinet with row after row of freshly baked sweets, I honestly didn’t know where to look or what to try first. As I took my seat a handsome young waiter sporting a pastel bow tie asked me what I’d like to try from the menu. I indulged in a carrot and ginger juice and took my time deciding on the sweeter part of the morning. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t in a sweet coma before the Jo Malone “Sugar & Spice” Collection was revealed.

After my first sniff of the Bitter Orange and Chocolate scent, I was glad I had held off on the sweets. These scents are as sweet as eating the real thing. Now, I’m just hoping come spring that spraying this scent will keep me away from the real thing in order to keep these legs sundress ready. I digress.

There are five fragrances in the Jo Malone “Sugar & Spice” Collection. They are as follows – Redcurrant & Cream, Ginger Biscuit, Lemon Tart, Bitter Orange & Chocolate and Elderflower & Gooseberry. It’s usually very tough to write about fragrances but that’s certainly not the case with this bunch. Truly all I have to tell you is that they smell exactly as you would expect. My only worry is wearing them on the tube. There are going to be some rumbling tummies as you waft by, that’s for sure.


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