This Kardashian does socks for $30 a pair

Sit back and think, is there anything the Kardashians haven’t done yet in the world of beauty and fashion? They’ve released a clothing line, have a retail clothing store, have a beauty line, fragrances and even a home line. Sure, there are some pieces of the puzzle missing. We don’t yet have a Kardashian car or a Kardashian hotel, but I’m sure all of these things are already in the works as we speak. Maybe even a Kardashian magazine so we can read page after page about the family all in one place instead of seeing them pop up in every tabloid on the shelf?

I say all of this with a chuckle and a pinch of salt in the lead up to today’s story. Turns out there is one thing that the Kardshian sisters haven’t done that their brother Rob Kardashian is taking advantage of – SOCKS. That’s right, folks, we can now keep our feet warm this winter while thinking of the Kardashians. Announced this morning on WWD, Rob’s sock collection will be called Arthur George, combining his middle name, Arthur, and his father’s name, George. Neiman Marcus gets the exclusive on this collection for two months, so all you holiday shoppers will have to run to Neiman’s to grab your funky socks from Rob. Expect to hand over $30 at the cash register for the 100% Egyptian Cotton socks.


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