Sarah Jessica Parker covers Elle November 2012 in Calvin Klein

Sarah Jessica Parker covers Elle November 2012 in Calvin Klein

Carrie Bradshaw is back. Oh no, wait, she’s not. I keep getting confused as really Carrie Bradshaw is Sarah Jessica Parker and vice versa. Let’s just say both ladies, together as one, cover Elle November 2012 wearing Calvin Klein (and Alexander McQueen for the second shot used here). Honestly, what would our world be like today, ladies, without this woman in our lives? Sex and The City defined a whole generation of women and it continues to influence the thousands of women that watch continuous reruns around the world. 

Sarah Jessica Parker actually commented on Carrie Bradshaw and roles to come, when interviewed for the magazine:

“I don’t love the idea of playing another woman who
loves fashion and is slightly flawed in New York City.  I loved Carrie,
and I don’t want to do the poor man’s version of her.  And while those are
often the lucrative things to do, it’s more reason to look in the other

On a different note, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Elle cover this month celebrates Women in Hollywood. It’s the nineteenth annual issue celebrating women “who have made significant contributions to the film industry.” This year they honour Sarah Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett, Elle Fanning, Shirley MacLaine, Susan Sarandon, Octavia Spencer, Uma Thurman, Emma Watson and Kristen Wiig. Each of these women will receive special recognition at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles on October 15th. 

Photo Credits: Alex Lubomirski, courtesy of Elle


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