River Island stud love… the bag I’ve been carrying and talking about all day

I was out and about in London today running between meetings like a mad person and I kept getting held up by people from Oxford Street to Portobello Road. No, it wasn’t the outfit or a “hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” Instead, I was being stopped along the way all because of the bag I had hanging from my arm. Even in my rushed state people were stopping me to ask where they could find my golden studded bag. What I should have done was handed them an FFG card and said, “check here later.” So as this bag seemed to be such a massive hit on the streets I thought I’d share it with you, dear readers. I think you may be surprised to hear where it’s from and how much it costs…

This bag is actually from River Island, is currently on their website and is available for £55. Nope, I didn’t forget a zero, although you have to admit it certainly does look like it would fit in the £550 mark! Gorgeous and definitely bargain of the week, if not month. I’m pretty much having a major love affair with this little beauty.


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