Putting Banana Republic’s Personal Shopping team to the test

Earlier this week I was invited to pop into Banana Republic’s
Regent Street store
for the ultimate in personal shopping. The team there
wanted me to check out their newly redesigned personal shopping suite while
also testing out their in house stylists.

I thought long and hard about what I loved about Banana Republic
and what I really needed help with for the season ahead. Years’ past have
taught me that one of the best investments with the brand for autumn winter is
found in outerwear and I happened to know that for this season in particular
there were some amazing pieces up for grabs. Let’s just say their presentation
for autumn winter earlier this year left me lusting after the collection big

So when speaking to the team the night before my arrival I
told them I was looking for a great coat that was classic yet said “check me
out.” I know that might sound like a strange combination and perhaps what I
should have said was a classic coat that looked expensive and flattering.
Actually that doesn’t make too much sense either. I guess you can tell by this
brief that I didn’t really know what I wanted, or at least couldn’t articulate
it properly. That didn’t seem to make a difference at all as it turns out the
master stylists at Banana Republic speak the language of this insane fashion

Upon my arrival in store I was greeted at the door and
whisked upstairs into the glamourous suite where I was offered a beverage and a
seat. My stylist’s selections were revealed and her picks couldn’t have been
more FFG if I had scored the store myself. Each and every look was better than
the last and in the end I wanted five autumn coats rather than the one I had
set out to acquire.That’s a job well
done in my book.

So what’s the bottom line here folks? Well, Banana Republic
is generally an easy place to shop. You can’t really go wrong but sometimes you
want to create a look that just has that extra something special or perhaps a
look that makes you think outside the box. When that doesn’t come naturally to
you, that’s where personal shoppers come in handy. BR’s team can churn just
about anything out and the best part about the whole process…. It’s completely
free. So if you’re looking to jazz up your current wardrobe or just need help
for a forthcoming special event, make I recommend the personal shoppers at Banana Republic on Regent’s Street? (PS. Ask for Despo and tell her FFG sent you)


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