Nicole Kidman's golden Pucci cover

posted on: Monday, 8 October 2012

Nicole Kidman covers Harper’s Bazaar November wearing a golden Emilio Pucci gown

While I want to absolutely love this cover, what I want to do more is tell Nicole Kidman to consider the idea of aging gracefully.  I know there is a little bit of photoshopping at play here, which is par for the course, but really Nicole Kidman just always looks scared to me these days. What drives this point home even more for me is the second image shared here. Does this shot not remind you of her role in “Days of Thunder?” She was such a natural beauty then and honestly the world could not stop talking about her and of course her “role” with Tom Cruise. So what I have to ask myself is when the switch is flipped and at what point women feel as if they need to start “preventative aging treatments.” 

Truly, I feel bad turning this beautiful cover into a statement on aging. Harper’s are not the ones that permanently froze Nicole Kidman’s forehead. But if for any reason Nicole Kidman should come across this post, I’m just one person out in cyberspace asking you to give your face a rest. As a teenager I actually thought you would make the most beautiful older woman. I’m pretty sure my gut on that would have been correct. So when did becoming “older” become such a sin? While Nicole addresses her body in her interview with Harper's, amongst tougher topics like love and marriage, there is no talk of aging, gracefully or otherwise.