Hedi Slimane responds to Cathy Horyn: It’s official, we’re back in high school

Earlier today we posted Cathy Horyn‘s response to her ban from the YSL show this season. However, the buck does not stop there. It was then revealed that Business of Fashion‘s Imran Amed was also refused a ticket for the YSL show because of a certain “tone” he had used in one of his pieces about the brand. And that’s not all folks. The drama continues… seriously, who needs “Days of Our Lives”?

Hedi Slimane has taken to twitter to post an official response to Cathy Horyn and it ain’t pretty. The above image was shared earlier this afternoon as a twitpic. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of low blows here and truthfully Hedi Slimane may have taken this feud a bit too far. Didn’t anyone’s parents teach them that silence is the best policy. Slimane looked like the victim of a bully, only slightly, earlier today. Now, he has become the bully in turning this whole thing on its head. Coming after Cathy’s own style and history as a critic? That may have been a mistake. However, I don’t think Cathy will be too bent out of shape. The woman has rhino skin as far as we can tell.

From where I am sitting, all I can see this feud doing is cementing for the general public how much like high school the world of fashion can be. Honestly, we are all better than this. A few bad apples and all that…

May I suggest some sort of peace treaty? Perhaps a circle of trust?


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