Green & Black’s chocolate is 21… and I am 21 pounds heavier!

Green & Black‘s
are celebrating turning the big 2-1! And what better way to celebrate
their birthday than by sending presents to other people. If you are
scratching your head on that one, so was I when I received the most
massive box ever in the mail on Monday afternoon. As I lugged the heavy
brown pack up to my flat and unwrapped what has to be the bext box of
goodies ever, I wondered if this wasn’t the greatest celebration of a
birthday ever?

Green & Black’s… Happy Birthday. And
a huge thank you for allowing me to celebrate with you by filling my
house with bar after bar of chocolate. I am now celebrating your 21st by
gaining 21 pounds, or by spending 21 solid days in the gym hoping to
work off what I’ve just eaten.

Having the world’s best
chocolate in my cupboard is truly a test of will power. Right, now off
to dig into the butterscotch bar…


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