Could it be that Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the 1992 hit musicians Kris Kross?

Was Karl Lagerfeld listening to Kris Kross while designing his spring summer 2013 collection for Chanel?

Now some of you may be too young to remember this but back in 1992 there was a pair of young boys called Kris Kross that had a huge musical hit titled “Jump“.  With this single they started a huge fashion trend that year that I’m afraid even I played into (only for Halloween though, thank heavens). I only wish I had a picture to share.

You see these two started the trend of wearing your jeans backwards– pockets in the front, zipper in the back. So when Karl Lagerfeld sent a jean dress down the catwalk for spring summer 2013, I had an instant flash back from 21 years ago. The dress resembled a jean skirt that had been hiked up to breast level and turned around back to front. I was immediately singing the hit tune in my head when I saw the look. It seems Kris Kross were way ahead of their time when it came to fashion trends.  For those of you that need a little assistance in your flashback, allow me…

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