Cathy Horyn isn’t the only fashion critic with words for Hedi Slimane

YSL’s Hedi Slimane seems to have more problems than just Cathy Horyn. It seems he treated some of the world’s leading fashion critics like first season bloggers for this first YSL catwalk (trust me, I know the feeling and it ain’t pretty). Apparently most were made to stand where they couldn’t even see what was going on as each model made her way down the catwalk. There are other reports that there were strict guidelines backstage, as in you were pretty much not allowed to ask any questions or take any pictures thereby totally making the trip backstage a collosal waste of time.

Well, The Times’ Laura Craik took to the page to share an open letter to Hedi Slimane and she had some pretty harsh yet truthful words to share. Her closing paragraph, quoted above, really drives the point home. In fact, her closing statement “We like you, even though you treat us like a bitch” is a line I’m sure many wish they had penned themselves.

Now the big question is, will Hedi Slimane respond in the same way he has with Cathy Horyn. I shared his  harsh response via twitter yesterday, in which he addresses her review with a review of his own. And the tweets haven’t stopped there. Like watching a great tennis match, the balls of insults are flying back and forth. Cathy Horyn refused to officially respond to Hedi Slimane’s twitter response and told WWD it was all just “silly nonsense.” And now the ball’s back with YSL’s Slimane. And of course the drama couldn’t just end there. Slimane responded, once again via twitter, with two tweets. The first tweet read, “The perfect integrity of the NewYork Times, and its writers, is not precisely “just silly nonsense”” and the second, “What is a ” silly nonsense ” to me is Catty Horyn still singing her
tired bias tune for the nyt. This is an embarrassment for the newspaper.

Here’s hoping the drama will finally end here. Please, let it end here.


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