Brand Obsessed: Lolё

Firstly, I have to admit that I’ve been wanting to write this little brand love letter for sometime now. Unfortunately, one or two things always come up and it gets put on the back burner. As I came in the door this morning from a 10K run I knew it was time to sit down and write, specifically about Lolё.

I’ve really amped up the working out lately as I’ve decided to once again put “keeping fit” back onto the daily to-do list. My workouts are now scheduled in just like meetings and I’m finding that it’s helping more than just the balance of my butt to body ration. But more than anything, and get ready for some serious vanity here, I’m enjoying looking good in spandex again. Oh dear God, does any woman actually say that out loud? I do believe having the right gym attire helps with this spandex love affair.

The thing is, what you wear to work out can totally change the way in which you feel as one foot is placed in front of the other on the treadmill or a pose is struck in your early morning Yoga class. I know it sounds ridiculous and I certainly have fallen victim to the t-shirt and sweatpants routine as truly sometimes it is just easier. However, I’ve made a real effort to buy into the workout gear hype and it’s really helped in getting me jazzed up to make daily gym appearances. I owe much of that to the introduction to the lifestyle brand Lolё.

Last summer I was told about the Lolё brand as the whole hype about Lululemon and Gap Body was really taking off in the USA. A woman who I look to for inspiration in style, health, and all around beauty recommended I take a look at the brand which she herself had embraced from headbands to capri leggings. Founded in 2002 in Montreal, the brand is celebrating ten years in the business of keeping women looking fit from Yoga class to Skiing in Chamonix.

After my first jacket, pants and shirt combination arrived I took a lot of time to examine what made these pieces special. I really wanted to get to the bottom of why stylish women were embracing this brand above all others when it came to showing off their bodies with attire that’s typically known for showing off every flaw we hate the most as women. And there, that’s it… that’s where I found the biggest appeal here. These were clothes that weren’t showing off flaws as we ran on a treadmill or flung ourselves through aerobic classes. The way in which the pieces are made, from figure flattering stretch and seams to hidden compartments for easy storage of ID cards, keys or iPods, each piece seemed to be made for a Bond girl instead of your average work out addict.

Now I had previously discovered Lolё during Spring Summer and now I’m looking at their autumn winter 2012 lineup and discovering a whole new side to the brand with their outerwear for day to day activities as well as winter sports gear. I know words only do so much here in actually showing off the true beauty of a brand, so instead allow me to share a video showcasing all their best looks for this season. I think you’ll quickly understand why I am hooked…

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