An American flag scarf, both stylish and meaningful

I always get a little weepy when I have to get back on the plane to London from the USA. I call the United States of America my home and that it will always remain. However, London is where I live. For the past decade I have made a home there but it has never felt quite as close to my heart as my American roots. So you can understand that it’s tough saying goodbye.

This time around, however, I find myself stocking up on things that will remind me of home. I went to Target and bought a few things for my apartment in London. I have a pair of cowboy boots bought from my local in North Carolina and I have this very cool scarf from Free People that I think not only looks flipping awesome on, but also reminds me of where I come from and what I stand for. I’m going to wear the hell out of this scarf. If only I had known about it before the Olympics started. It would have been perfect for cheering from the stands. Oh well, it’s perfect now for keeping me warm and stylish.

For those of you living stateside, or perhaps even abroad, this scarf is available to order online and also comes in a charcoal colour combination. Yes, I ordered both. Can’t help myself really. They’re $38 each and as I’ve seen similar scarves fetch upwards of £300 in the UK, I figured I was getting a total steal so could treat myself to two.


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