Philosophy from Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2013

Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2013 was showcased this morning in New York City at at The Oak Room in the Plaza. Guests from around the world gathered to watch Alberta present her latest collection and what was showcased certainly did not disappoint. As seems to be an ongoing trend for the season, we saw a lot of stripes. While the collection as a whole was made for a woman, it had a very masculine tone from a look featuring a full on suit to belted jackets and trousers that looked as if a man’s tie had been borrowed in a cinch. This is a collection that is most definitely drawing from a husband’s closet. What’s not to love from that sort of inspiration? 

Now be warned, Alberta Ferretti has midriffs and a lot of leg showing for the season ahead so start the gym regime now. Also work on getting some strong shoulders in place to match with those beautiful strapless dresses. Cocktail hour won’t know what hit when these bad boys hit the shelves, and NYC bars!


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