Marios Schwab’s tribal adventure for Spring Summer 2013

Marios Schwab’s spring summer 2013 collection is one after my own heart. I cannot turn away from a tribal / Native American influenced collection…it’s just impossible. I was captivated from the first look to the last and have a shopping list about as long as my inseam at this point.

This season the gorgeous Marios “takes a nostalgic look at ancient rituals and traditions.” I remember thinking to myself that the collection looked as if a Tribal Chief and a high end designer had sat down together and created the collection. I actually wrote on the invite – “Tribal Chief + Marios”.  The merging of high end fashion and “amazon warrior” are really just that close here. Whether we were looking at thin pieces of leather manipulated to look like straw fittings on a tribal skirt or structures that resembled DNA strands but in actuality were derived from the design of bee hives, this collection was full or surprises. Marios Schwab brought us back to the beginning with his latest collection and while based on the world’s basics, it was one of the most beautifully intricate shows I’ve seen this season.


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