lola&grace snap happy camper van arrives in Brick Lane

Yesterday I made my way over to the East End of London to welcome the lola&grace camper van to Brick Lane. The old VW has been touring Europe now for sometime, looking chic and capturing special moments in time like only lola&grace can do. The van has been showcasing all the latest trends while also offering fans a chance to play dressup in their “in-van” photo booth. Yes, the VW had been transformed into a full on photo shoot complete with big bright wigs and oversized glasses.

Now speaking from experience, this is one thing you won’t want to miss when it next pops up. I wanted to keep going in for more snaps, only so did everyone else.  But good news for those of you that couldn’t make it down to Brick Lane yesterday. The lola&grace VW camper, complete with photo booth and a wide selection of jewellery for this season, is headed to Bestival this weekend. It’s the last stop on the tour so I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty special. They’ll be parked in Bollywood field so make sure to stop in. And if the photobooth and wicked jewellery aren’t enough of a pull, there are also some wonderful prizes to be won while you are there, including a trip to a far away place for two.

For more information, and to check out some of the latest snaps from the van, visit lola&grace Facebook.


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