Lana Del Rey’s Jaguar moment…

Lana Del Rey has a bag named after her, has been the face of H&M and now has the automobile industry behind her. Tonight in Paris, Lana Del Rey launched the new Jaguar F-Type at the Musee Rodin while serenading a VIP crowd. Dressed in a white sun dress from Australian designer Shakuhachi, the singer performed her latest track, “Burning Desire”, which was apparently inspired by the new vehicle.

We’re expecting Lana Del Rey’s cereal endorsement any moment now… or maybe a line of cosmetics will be next? 

On a serious note, Jaguar didn’t have to hire anyone to grab attention with this latest edition to their family. The new F-type is gorgeous! I wouldn’t want to compete for attention with this set of wheels alongside me in a photoshoot. Talk about a hot model…


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