Issa’s tropical touch for Spring Summer 2013

After the Issa Spring Summer 2013 runway, I was speaking to a
PR about all the tropical prints we had seen for the season. I had a theory on
why it was we were seeing hot destinations as trends for prints this season and
it goes a little something like this… If you live in London you’ll know that
we’ve pretty much skipped over having a summer this year. It’s been rain and
then pockets of sunshine and that’s about it. Well, I figure the designers have
had enough of it and instead of bringing us all to exotic locations to get into
the sun, they’re bringing the sun to us with bright and beautiful tropical
prints scattered throughout collections. What do you think? Could I be spot on
or way off on that one?

If we take a closer look at Issa London we see that Daniella Helayel has truly taken us all on a trip far far away for the
new season. The collection for spring summer 2013 is titled “Garden of
” and one look at the first few ensembles shows us exactly why. From exotic
prints to bold bright colours, this is a collection that could have been titled
“pure and uninterrupted happiness.” You can’t help but smile when you
see this collection. It’s a bright moment in what is a completely grey
landscape at the moment. Now we’re all just wondering if a certain Duchess of Cambridge will be bold enough to step out in a few looks from the collection. There were one or two that certainly have her name written all over them. 

And of course after the show I had a chance to go backstage and talk to Daniella Helayel all about the new look and how she used Triumph Lingerie to underpin the collection. Check out the interview in full. 


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