“Interesting” Style spots at London Fashion Week SS13

There have been some rather interesting moments in style at Somerset House this weekend. In fact I’m starting to wonder if most people don’t enjoy what’s happening outside the tents more than what’s happening within them.

I spoke to a “personality” this evening who was wearing a rather interesting get-up. After asking her about her chosen ensemble for the day I asked her what shows she had come to see at London Fashion Week. She smiled, the sweetest smile of course, and said, “oh, I’m not going to any.” Now the funny thing here is that I had just been talking about this new trend in Somerset House attendees with a group of online editors only hours before, and here before me stood the exact example.

Apparently there is a whole population of people that have nothing to do with fashion shows that are attending London Fashion Week. They are not there to take in the atmosphere, they’re not there to photograph important people attending… in fact, they are hoping to be THE ones that end up being photographed and featured.

Some of the outfits seen at London Fashion Week are indeed absolutely supreme. The style on show at the tents could fill a whole book on “how tos”. However, with every “do” there is a “don’t”. That being said, I have to keep reminding myself that truly there are no rules with fashion. I suppose what is particularly disturbing in this particular case is the idea that people aren’t dressing a certain way to show off their individual style, rather they are dressing in a way that will get them noticed and photographed… in short, they are creating the X-games of style with some of the serious risks that are being taken these days. Have an ambulance at the ready, things could get messy.


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