I can now die a happy woman… Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2013

For those of you that know me well, you’ll understand there are a few reasons why I jumped into the fashion world. Number one on that list is Ralph Lauren. He’s been on the top of the list since I knew what a logo was… my first being a tiny polo pony on a shirt dress as a youngster. From my first understanding of fashion, Ralph Lauren has been my main squeeze. The first runway show I ever saw on television was Ralph Lauren and my mother will tell you that I looked at her and said, “One day I will be at that show, mom.”

So today is monumental for a few reasons. First of all, today is FFG’s birthday. For three years I’ve been writing a lot and sleeping a little. It is somehow fitting that this anniversary happens to fall on the day Ralph Lauren is showcasing his Spring Summer 2013 collection. We’ve been working at getting me out to the show for four or five seasons now and every time something has come up… whether scheduling conflicts with London Fashion Week or special projects like designing Coach handbags. It would seem the world was plotting against me in sitting courtside for Ralph. Today, it all changed.

At 11am this morning I arrived at the Skylight Soho, along with a few hundred others counting all the attendees and of course paparazzi surrounding the location, for the Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2013 Runway presentation. In line with loads of familiar and friendly faces, I stood waiting for the curtains to be lifted which would allow us to entire Ralph Lauren’s world. There were two “holding curtains” which we patiently waited behind and finally at 11:15 we were let into the “runway room.”  A massive display of flowers greeted us in the main hall that let out the most sweet aroma welcoming us into the ultimate luxury space. White cushioned benches were laid out before us and guests took their seats in an orderly fashion.

As I found my seat behind the beautiful and magnificent Andre Leon Talley, I noticed a man had sat down beside the fashion legend and instantly I found myself having a “moment.” I’m not usually impressed by celebrities, fashion editors don’t phase me as much these days, but there is one man that can cause me to stop dead in my tracks and check myself for a pulse…. the man himself… Ralph Lauren. Mr. Lauren had come out before the show to sit and welcome Andre and there he was, not even five feet from me. Yes, dear reader, I did have my first “fan” moment in life. I wanted to say hello, say “thank you” or anything at all really. Instead, I merely sat there, like a bump on a log. I was starstruck and I missed my moment with Ralph Lauren, the man. However, my moment with Ralph Lauren the brand was only just about to begin.

The Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2013 show was positively sensational. Now I must say that there are two reasons I am seeing all of this through rose coloured glasses. First of all, it’s Ralph Lauren and you all already know that this man can do no wrong when it comes to me and my reviews. Secondly, it was my first Ralph Lauren show so of course I am going to love every blessed moment. So actually, I’m not sure if it’s fair for me to comment too much on everything as I fear it will be seen as me more or less just expressing my undying love for the brand, over and over again. So instead of talking you through every fabulous item from dresses to handbags, here’s a look at my favourite pieces from the Spring Summer 2013 collection, as captured by me… from the third row. Oh, and there’s also a video of the closing. Enjoy! And please excuse any added fuzziness… I had a shaky hand and I’m sure you can now understand why.                            


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