House of Holland brings grunge into the new millennium for Spring Summer 2013

Each season I truly feel I am watching Henry Holland‘s collection grow up with him as an individual. I remember two seasons ago interviewing Henry for his House of Holland Collection and he told us that his collection was maturing as the women in his life were requiring more sophisticated and grown up clothing. Since then, we definitely have seen this designer “grow.” Henry’s latest collection for Spring Summer 2013 is truly his most sophisticated yet. While it has the playful Henry Holland undertones, which we hope always remain, it also has a new style and grace that is clean and very buy-able. Florals, metallics, sheers and oversized garments all ruled the roost for this runway. However, even with so many different textures, prints and shapes presented, the collection as a whole made perfect sense. This is no easy task but House of Holland works from start to finish. The collection may have been labelled as a remake of grunge but we certainly don’t remember grunge looking this fabulous back when we trialed that trend in the Pearl Jam era.

There were a lot of smiling faces in the front row for this show, all in House of Holland of course. We all bopped together in unison as Henry Holland sent his collection down the runway to a soundtrack of hits from the 90’s. I fear some of us are showing our age in enjoying this music as we did. However, I had to laugh as a “young one” behind me said, “is this track out yet?” when Shampoo’s Trouble began playing. Yes, sweetpea… it was released in 1995!

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