Heroes’ Hayden Panatierre covers Women’s Health October 2012

Remember Heroes? Of course you do… it was that hit television show that was huge and then sort of fizzled out in the end? Hayden Panatierre was the star, the cheerleader. She was amazingly fit and every woman in America wanted to know her diet and exercise regime so that they could replicate her exact body fitness. Now Hayden is on to new pursuits and keeping in the best shape she can along the way. She’s not a teenager anymore and we all know the battle grows harder as we age. Hayden is offering hints on how to keep in shape as October 2012’s cover girl for Women’s Health USA. While we’d like to say Hayden is rocking an LBD for the cover, this looks more like it could be some sort of dance leotard. Not recommended for your average everyday lady as it seems to be a dress that showcases just about every flaw possible…unless you have photoshop aiding in your every move. Image Credit: Celebutopia


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