Ditch the heels, fall in love with these flat boots… hello, animal print and studs!

Every autumn winter I go on a hunt for boots. I need a tall boot, a flat boot, an ankle boot and an over the knee boot. These are just necessities. This is also just the starting point. It seems boots are my weakness. This can be an extremely dangerous shopping weakness as boots tend to range in price anywhere from the £70 mark all the way up to £7,000 in some cases. I’ve never gone to the highest point as quite frankly I think it’s a colossal waste of cash. However, I do believe there are plenty of fab finds in the under £250 range. Considering boots are autumn winter staples, I justify the spend in thinking that I’ll wear the boots not once but rather dozens of times over the course of the six month winter in England.

So this leads me to my latest purchase in the boots arena, a pair of Strike boots from Kurt Geiger. These bad boys touch on all the trends for the season. It’s as if someone has put a trend highlights reel in the blender and this is the finished product. We have studs, we have animal print and we have that rock’n’roll glam style all working hard here for this boot. It’s a stretch in price at £180 but well worth every saved penny. I’ll share more pictures once the black tights come out and these lovely lads get thrown on for a day out and about showing off.


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